2002 – MaxiFlow Culvert

As the Padman Stops brand and our flat stops and pipe ends became more popular, we were often asked if we made pipes. With some well established companies making quality pipes that suited our product, we were happy to supply their pipes with our products.

After talking to customers, installers and drivers about some of their pain points with round pipe John went into his shed again and began the design process for the MaxiFlow.

The MaxiFlow is a flat bottomed structure with a high strength arched opening that can be extended with multiple units to make custom width crossings. The ease of transport and installation, minimal silting and high flows have given farmers an alternative to round pipes.

They have become so popular we have setup a new company solely focused on a variation of this product that can cater to different applications across exciting new industries.

2021 will be the year for Padman Quick Culverts! 😉