2009 – The Argentinean experiment

In a proactive attempt to look for new markets as the Millennium drought really put the squeeze on Australian agriculture, Padman Stops went global!


John and Shawn teamed up with John Schofield to setup a plant in the small regional village of Bahía Blanca, Argentina. While their soils were very porous, they benefited from fast watering from the four different molds we sent over in a shipping container, that was then converted into a concrete curing oven.


Over three memorable trips with lots of fantastic hospitality (they know how to BBQ) and great memories (lost luggage was an interesting one), we continued to supply them with materials and set them up for a thriving business.


As 2010 rolled around we became very busy back home as the drought broke and the eventuation of the on-farm efficiency program, so we left them to it. We suspect the River Diniro irrigation district would have a lot of Padman Stops in it by now!