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Automation for the Cotton Industry

Small Changes That Make A Big Impact For Cotton Irrigation In Australia

Growing high-quality cotton requires infinite precision when it comes to getting the right amount of water on, and off, the moment it’s required. And often, Cotton irrigation in Australia gets far too complicated and time-intensive to manually monitor and manage the crops yourself – or to hire skilled labour to do it for you.

This is where modern technology can come to your rescue. By implementing a Padman automation system that is customised precisely to your unique farm’s layout and needs, everything can be optimised, with all the hard work done for you.

Our cloud-controlled sensors and outlet automation allows you to remotely monitor soil moisture at a micro-block level, giving you in-depth and instant insight into what your paddocks and crops need. It then allows you to balance soil moisture, and shut water on and off, remotely, from the touch of a button on your mobile phone, tablet or computer – without you having to leave your office or the tractor.

Water efficiency is enhanced, and your farm’s daily management is streamlined, which means you’ll have fewer labour requirements, and more profits stay in your pocket.

With our new AutoWinch systems, you have two options. Our AutoWinch Pro has been designed to move twice a day, as a completely portable automation unit, giving you all the flexibility, your farm needs to thrive. Or, for a more affordable option, our AutoWinch Seasonal unit has been designed to stay with the crop for an entire season, moving only twice per year. Both are operated by our super simple Padman Stops apps and are strong enough to operate all Padman Stops irrigation outlets. But with our portable units you can get your farm automated, more affordably, than ever before.

And there’s no need to worry about connectivity issues when you’re in ‘the middle of nowhere’. Our automation equipment uses the Telstra network, or if that won’t work in your area, our radio based LoraWAN technology gateway devices provide the link between your farm and the apps.

With cotton, small details certainly matter. It makes sense to reduce the need for manual processes and management, by utilising technology that takes away the guesswork. Streamlining your operations with automation technology and equipment not only allows your farm to become more profitable, but it also gives you valuable time back, in your day.



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