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Automation for the Rice Industry

The Efficient Fully Automated Rice Irrigation System for Australia

Growing rice in Australia can be a bit of a challenge, but our rice farms are certainly among the most efficient in the world. Efficiency really is key to maximising your yields and profits while ensuring your own work-life balance remains a priority.

A Padman Stops fully customised rice automation system can streamline your irrigation and enhance your water efficiency to a very precise level. Our superior technology will give you instant and up to date readings of your moisture and water levels and can ensure consistency across all zones, regardless of soil type or terrain variability.

Our sensor-based scheduling and water detection combined with water supply automation will ensure you always get the perfect amount of water on and off again at the perfect time. And it can all be managed from the comfort of your tractor or office, from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

With our new AutoWinch systems, there are two options available. Our AutoWinch Pro has been designed to move twice a day as a completely portable automation unit giving you all the flexibility your farm needs to thrive. Or for a more affordable option our AutoWinch Seasonal unit has been designed to stay with the crop for an entire season, moving only twice per year. Both are operated by our super simple Padman Stops apps and are strong enough to operate all Padman Stops irrigation outlets. But with our portable units you can get your farm automated more affordably than ever before.

Our rice irrigation automation systems are solar powered preventing the need to be constantly checking and changing batteries and are well proven to be extremely reliable. Connectivity or signal strength also isn’t a problem, as our systems use Telstra or our radio based LoraWAN technology gateway devices.

With our help you’ll enjoy reduced pumping and labour costs and better water efficiency which ultimately maximises your profits. All while gaining that all important work-life-balance, with much of the hard work managed by technology.


  • Reduced Labour Cost
  • Affordable & Reliable AgTech
  • Improved Lifestyle
  • Reduce Pumping
  • Farm Variability
  • Pasture & Crop Quality

Padman Automation

Our Automation Products are designed to free up farmers' time so they can achieve a better, and far healthier, work-life balance. Find out how we can help you.