Open Channel Stops

A Simple, Affordable, High-Flow Rice Irrigation System

These Padman Stops Open Channel Stops provide an open overflow rubber flap door outlet for efficient and affordable rice irrigation.

Open pipes are great for simplicity and allow you to get the water where you need it quickly with high flow rates at a more economical price. We make your budget go even further with our unique flat pack style of transport which makes it cheaper to get these to you no matter where you might be located within Australia.

These have the option of our unique multi-style doors to customise your preferred flow rate while being fully automation ready with one automation unit capable of driving many doors. Our proven quality Padman Rubber ensures your doors will remain completely watertight for many years to come.

With our Padman Stops Open Channel Stops you’ll achieve the water and labour efficiency your farm requires to be as profitable as possible.


  • 15-60 ML/day
  • Opening Depth: 450-850mm
  • Opening Width: 1800-3000mm
  • Multi doors 
  • Automation Ready
  • Transport Efficient
  • Proven Quality Rubber

Padman Automation

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