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Automation in Aerobic Rice Field Walk

Author: Kirsty Heather

Join us:

…for an Aerobic Rice Field Walk

When: Thursday 4th March 2021

Time: 5pm – 6:30pm for rice field walk with BBQ to follow.

Where: 350 Low Road, Bilbul, NSW 2680

Join Deakin University to discuss learnings to date from commercial aerobic rice trial with Padman Automation system.

Bring gumboots to inspect paddock.


Presentations from:

Darrell Fiddler, DeBortoli farm manager

  • growers experience with automation

Matt Champness and John Hornbuckle from CeRRF Deakin University

  • Water savings with automation
  • Is there potential for aerobic rice?
  • Using forecasting to schedule irrigation events
  • Optimal irrigation triggers

Harriet Brickhill from Rice Extension

  • Slow release N
  • Sowing rates

Shawn Padman and Grant Oswald from Padman Stops

  • available to discuss automation on your farm


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Aerobic Rice Field Walk

What is aerobic rice?

Aerobic rice (non- flooded, well-irrigated) has been proposed to improve water productivity and with the appropriate development of adapted genotypes and management practices, the yield may approach that of flooded production methods.

Aerobic rice is a production system in which especially developed “aerobic rice” varieties are grown in well-drained, non-puddled, and non-saturated soils. With a good management, the system aims for yields of at least 4-6 tons per hectare.



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