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Portable and Affordable Farm Automation

Author: Kirsty Heather

Padman AutoWinch PRO & Chatterbox PRO

Working together to save Water, Time & Money.


Our AutoWinch PRO is a rugged, portable and affordable farm automation system that has been designed to be relocated on a daily basis. It can be easily attached to any product that has our unique Padman manual winch.

The AutoWinch Pro can be operated on a time schedule to open and close your water gates / bay outlets. Or it can be triggered by the Chatterbox PRO.

It can then be moved to the next irrigation bay – making it a truly portable and affordable farm automation system.




Our Chatterbox is a portable sensor designed for detecting water as it moves across an irrigated area.

A typical use is to place the Chatterbox at a predetermined point on an irrigated bay. When water reaches that point, a signal can be used by the PAMS IoT network to:

  • Close the bay outlet
  • Open another bay outlet
  • Close or open a channel stop
  • Turn a pump on or off
  • Send an advice message to the irrigator.


Chatterbox Pro - Portable and Affordable Farm Automation
Chatterbox Pro – Portable and Affordable Farm Automation



Padman Automation Management System (PAMS) is the portal and management system. It is the backbone of Padmans’ IoT system. Monitor and control your irrigation from anywhere at anytime. You could be busy working on other farm operations or down at the lake enjoying a cheeky water-ski with no worries of having to rush away to turn your water off.

PAMS integrates all communication with sensors and control equipment in the field from your personal computer. You can also access basic monitoring and control functions easily from tablets and smart phones.

Using the secure AWS cloud-based server system, PAMS allows access to the user’s farm from anywhere.

The software is extremely user friendly. It allows operational scheduling of PAMS controlled equipment as well as reactive commands of equipment based on received alarm signals.

Portable and Affordable Farm Automation - PAMS mobile app

Save Water, Time and Money with Padman Automation

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