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Shawn Padman answers your frequently asked questions

Author: Teagan Stewart

Your most frequently asked questions answered here by Shawn Padman, General Manager of Padman Stops in this video

Or read those most frequently asked questions and answers below;

Q: Do you need some sort of joining for the MaxiFlows?
With sealing the MaxiFlows it is a personal preference.
80% of our customers choose not to seal them. They do butt up and have a 125mm overlap.

If you do have soils that move a lot, with a lot of expansion and contraction it would be recommended.
Expansion foam is the quick option that works well or a flexible UV stable seal product.

Q Do you do custom jobs?
Certainly, yes we do. We have great designing capability. Between 30% and 40% is custom jobs.

Our product range is suitable for most jobs and applications, but we absolutely offer customized solutions.

Q Do you deliver to my area?
Short answer yes.
We have delivered to every pocket of Australia that is irrigating in some fashion.

Q Do you have second stock available?
Yes we always have these products available.
Seconds product is classed as ‘damaged stock’ for example; this could mean a chip in the product. This however doesn’t mean the integrity of the product is compromised at all.
We run on a quality 95% first time right in quality outcome, however the odd product will come through where we have a seconds catalog available to view here

Q What cover of dirt do you need over the maxi flows?
There is a few options with this;
The headwalls that is built into it allows for 450ml of cover. We recommend at least 200ml of cover over the top arch.
We test them with 12 ton as a direct load they are a strong unit and we test them regularly

Q Do the Maxi Flows need a certain base to sit on? Like a top of rock?
Coarse sand or a crushed granite.
With any good project it starts with the foundations. The more effort you put into a good level foundation, this in turn gives you the fast pace installation.

Q What are the flow rates capable through the different size outlets and pipes?
We get this question a lot, especially with the pipes. There is a lot of techy data on our website and we do have internally.
From a high level, this question usually turns into a conversation about;
Soil types, head loss and velocity.
You can get a lot of water out through a pipe or outlet however if the water is going that fast, with that much velocity is will dig a whole out the back. It is a balancing act of an affordable product, with an appropriate flow rate at a manageable level – and that usually comes down to your soil type.

Q We need water to go both directions through water gates? Do you do that?Yes we do. Not all outlets do that.
The new positive displacement door which uses a rack and pinion type system which allows to hold the door in a firm position to be able to flow back through it. It will hold water and flow water both ways. We recently created these for a large-scale project for valued clients in Queensland – It was a wonderful project. There is an awesome video on how our team designed it here.

Q Do you sell replacement doors?
Yes, We do.
30 years in business and we still have rubber doors on farm now that have lasted this entire time – we built the business around building lasting doors.
They do need replacing from time to time. they will burn and they can get damaged, for example on install.
We have kept all templates so any changes from the ones in the past, we can also replace.

Q Can the Posi Drive be added to the small products? Like the small pipe ends (The pexels or the PE600)?
Yes. Certainly, for the application we can put a Posi Drive two way door on any of our products.
We started on the larger products simply because there was a need for the layout we were working on at the time.

Over the coming months we will have this as an option for everyone of our doors.
If customers wish to upgrade to a positive drive door we can absolutely do that.

Do you have a question for us ? Contact us via our new chat option or of course any traditional method here.
We love answering your most frequently asked questions.


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