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Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund

Author: Kirsty Heather

The Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund currently have grants open up to $100,000 each. The grants are designed to help dairy farmers to continue investing in farming for the future, delivering a total of $5 million in grants over the next three years.

The grants are to “support improvements on-farm that deliver innovation, efficiency, greater resilience or enhanced sustainability.” 

In the first round $2 million in funds were awarded to 24 Aussie dairy farmers. Applications for the second round opened from 29th November 2021 and will close 20th February 2022. Padman Stops are proud to offer no obligation quotes to anyone wishing to apply for this grant.

Our automation and infrastructure ranges fall under the provisions of this grant. With custom solutions available to help reduce labor and increase efficiencies on your farm.


Chat to our friendly team about creating a custom solution to suit your needs. You can also find out more about our automation HERE or about our Dairy Solutions HERE

To apply for the Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund CLICK HERE


The quality of your pasture is imperative in keeping your dairy cows happy and healthy to maximise your milk production. Yet time is clearly of the essence as a dairy farmer.

Padman Stops will save your day with fully automated and customised pasture management and irrigation solutions.

Less fuss. Less labour costs. Happy cows and a demanding job, made much easier.

“Installing Padman Stops is the most important thing we’ve done on our Farm.”

– Darryl Lukies – Dairy farmer, Katamatite.


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