Cane: MaxiFlow 1800 Drainage Crossings

Sugar irrigation management with the fastest and most effective drainage

A serious cane grower needs serious drainage, and our MaxiFlow 1800 Field Drains will ensure you get the best out of your sugar irrigation systems. Our MaxiFlow 1800 Drains are the biggest we offer with incredible flow rates of 40ML to 80ML per day – and offer the equivalent flow rate of a 1150mm round pipe.
These drains can easily be installed under roadways, allowing water to travel from one field to the next, without restricting vehicle or farm machinery access. Our unique flat-bottomed design makes them incredibly fast and easy to install, just lay them straight down.
Add on our optional up or downstream wings, to both enhance your water flow rates and minimise any frustrating erosion issues.

We also have options to accommodate duel or triple ‘side-by-side’ crossings, for any length, if needed.
You’ll be able to drain irrigation water off effortlessly, and should you encounter any extreme weather events, you’ll quickly be able to drain off the flood water to save your crops.
Cane growing has never been easier.

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