Jay Arachchige

Jay Arachchige

Jay has been with the Padman Group for 8 years. Jay is a natural born leader, with a continuous improvement mindset. He’s worked in the fitting shed, quality, continuous improvement and safety over his years at Padmans. During this time he has contributed to the success of Padman Group in many ways and ensures our Aussie farmers always receive the highest quality products.

A valued member of the leadership team, Jay is a quality focussed leader, wanting only the best quality product to leave our manufacturing sites.

His biggest achievement has been the implementation of 5s in some production areas as well as coming up with the PE Deep series cable system.

But if he wasn’t here with the Padman Stops team, Jay thinks he would be spending time in Sri Lanka, watching elephants, snorkelling and diving in the sea. 🌊🐘

That doesn’t sound too bad, but he can stay here thanks. 😊

Amanda Venter

Amanda Venter

Amanda is our field sales rep, based in the Ayr office, she services the entire North Queensland region. Since joining the Padman Group in mid 2022, Amanda has been helping a number of burdekin farmers improve their drainage and farm access.

After emigrating from South Africa, Amanda and her family have been loving life in the Burdekin.

I’m sure anyone who has met Amanda already will know she has a great passion for the cane industry and supporting local farmers to enhance farm efficiency and maximise profitability.

Amanda’s favourite product is the MaxiFlow 1200, it is quick and easy to install, saving customers time and fuss during the installation process, but also providing a solid and smart looking driveway crossing that can cope with the heavy rainfall the Burdekin experiences and is strong enough to withstand any farm machinery’s weight.

Ellery Tilack

Ellery Tilack

Ellery is our Ayr Production Manager. He started with Padman Group in 2021 and has worked his way up to Leading Hand and now Ayr Production Manager after proving himself as a very capable leader.

El takes great pride in the quality of products he and his team produce, ensuring only the best products leave the Ayr factory.

The Burdekin lifestyle is perfect for this keen fisherman, who even on a recent work trip to Victoria, El managed to find the time to enter a local fishing competition that the Padman group sponsors and even came home with some prizes.

Emma Hayward

Emma Hayward

Emma is another of the friendly voices you hear when you contact the Padman Group. Em embodies the “farmers friend” and works tirelessly to get the best possible outcome for a customer.

Em is also the “Peoples friend”, we often hear of her going above and beyond to look after the Padman team with things like home visits when they are unwell or supporting them through all sorts of problems.

We couldn’t do it without you Em, thanks for being you!


Melissa Tapiolas

Melissa Tapiolas

Mel is one of the friendly voices you hear when you contact the Padman Group. We love having her in the office because of her super positive personality. Nothing is every a worry, we think that’s what makes her such a great customer accounts specialist.

Mel’s super power would have to be her love for numbers and finance, it’s not everyones favourite job, but Mel really does love it, and it shows in her work everyday.

Beau Corrin

Beau Corrin - The Farmers Friend

Beau has been with the Padman Group for over 8 years. He’s had the pleasure of working in just about every department of the company, so what Beau doesn’t know about Padman’s, is not worth knowing!

He is the happiest person in the world and we know our customers love chatting to him.

Beau loves helping customers find the right irrigation system to suit their needs and budget. He is especially patient and knowledgable when it comes to providing over the phone support and training.

When we asked Beau “if you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would you choose”, Beause said his son Jack because he can have a great time anywhere….how cute!

Imelda Padman

Staff Imelda3

Meldy describes her position at Padman’s as the “Moral Support Office”, and what a beautiful job of it she does, not only to husband Shawn, but to all the Padman’s Family. If Meldy won the lottery tomorrow she tells us (mid COVID19 times) that she would start a “post-homeschooling retreat for mums”. We feel your pain Meld! As a kid, Meldy wanted to grown up to be a regular customer at the shops

Kirsty Heather

Kirsty Heather

Kirsty is our Head of Communications, looking after internal and external communication and marketing strategies, creating exceptional customer service experiences for our customers would have to be her superpower.

If Kirsty won the lottery tomorrow, she would travel the world full time, while still working for the Padman Group of course 😉

Adam Graham

Staff Adam

If he wasn’t so damn good at his job Adam thinks he would probably be a Pro Fisherman. He’s also convinced that in another life he was Keith Moon from The Who. If he won the lottery tomorrow he would start a fishing charted company called “Trouting About” and, you know, be too busy to keep working here… When Dogsy was 5, he was pretty sure he would grow up to be a meat pie tester, traveling the world eating pies and rating them on social media. He’s still giving it a fair crack, in between Padman projects 😉

Peter Mahoney

Staff PeteMahoney

If Pete was to describe his job it would be “The Everywhere Man” which is a pretty good description for the busiest man at Padman Stops, but we would describe his job as “The Farmers’ Friend” because he really is. If Peter could have any superpower, he would be INVISIBLE 😂.

When he was 5, he was pretty sure he would grow up to be a Vet.

Grant Oswald

Staff Grant

Grant is the ultimate guru when it comes to farm automation. He truly represents our values as “The Farmers Friend” having been a dairy farmer himself for many years. If Grant wasn’t so damn good at his job, he would be helping the world be more sustainable, helping with projects that actually do something like improve farm environmental sustainability whilst maintaining productivity. Grants passion and enthusiasm for saving farmers time, money and water are evident in everything he does and in every conversation he has with our customers.

Shawn Padman

Staff Shawn

Shawn was inspired by his father’s passion for designing innovative irrigation solutions and officially joined the business in 2008.He successfully worked his way through several roles within the company, before becoming General Manager. Due to the seasonal nature of farming, Shawn has sought out new markets, to diversify the types of farms they can help – and therefore stabilising employment year-round, for their dedicated team.

He is very passionate about looking after their employees, developing their people with an emphasis on effective leadership and team building and establishing a strong, cohesive and happy culture. For Shawn, it’s all about sustainability, listening to farmers to develop solutions and empowering their team to perform at the top of their game.

When Shawn was 5 he wanted to be a motorbike stuntman when he grew up, but instead he now spends his days motivating the Padman’s team and leading with great gusto and respect.

We asked Shawn what he would do if he won the lottery tomorrow and in his true entrepreneurial spirit, he said he would start a Dam Construction business. If he could have any superpower, Shawn would want to be able to “Empower People” but we think he already has this power.