1989 – “Precision Irrigation” open for business

Back Shed Experiments Precision Irrigation

With his structures improving his own farm, it wasn’t long until the bush telegraph had John pouring structures for other farmers throughout the district.


In 1989, John moved his family from the farm over the NSW border to a few acres on the outskirts of Strathmerton to develop his irrigation ideas further into commercial products.


The business was named ‘Precision Irrigation’ and John focused on Irrigation outlets and played around with automation which were sold to predominately dairy farmers throughout northern Vic and southern NSW.

1987 – Back Shed Experiments

Back Shed

John grew up on a dairy farm so was well versed in the challenges of farming from an early age. Long hours, muddy fields and tricky, manually operated equipment were always a constant battle.


While working on the farm, John found himself in the shed more and more developing solutions to make farming more manageable.


His focus at this time was on watertight irrigation outlets with an interest in automation. During this period, John also invented his own ‘automatic teat cup remover’ for the dairy amongst other inventions to make farming a bit easier. A philosophy he has continued throughout his career.