Padman Stops are proud to have helped Australian rice farmers grow more rice, while using less water with innovative irrigation solutions since 1990.


Rice needs water, at the right times. And water efficiency is your key to maximising your yields and profits.

Padman Stops customised and automated rice irrigation solutions will help you produce export-quality grain every time. Our uniquely designed products will make the most of the water you have with fast and efficient flow rates.

Precision sensors can monitor your crops and moisture levels with automation that allows you to get water on and get it off again from a single touch of a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Farming and surface irrigation has never been easier.

Open Rice Bay Outlet

The Affordable Rice Irrigation System that Farmers Love

Padmans Open Rice Bay Outlet is an economical and affordable solution for rice irrigation systems where drive over access is not needed.

These open pipes will give you flow rates of between 5 ML and 60 ML per day, providing you with high flow irrigation at a lower cost and helping your dollar go further.

Walk over access is a breeze particularly with the optional add-on of our OH&S friendly handrails and walkways to keep you and your workforce safe. And our proven long-lasting Padman Rubber on your overflow doors will provide a completely watertight stop.

Our Open Rice Bay Outlets are able to be customised to your needs and all irrigation applications and certainly make rice irrigation management a total breeze.


  • 5-60 ML/day
  • Opening depth: 600-1000mm
  • Opening width 900-1200mm
  • Multi Doors Operated by Single Automation
  • Automation Ready
  • Proven Quality Rubber doors