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Padman Stops is a manufacturer of precast concrete irrigation gates and irrigation automation for the surface/flood irrigation industry. We’ve been working hard over the past 30 years, alongside farmers, to solve their most pressing irrigation challenges.

Our products are unique and achieve some of the best water efficiency rates available. Our simple yet high-precision automation systems take advantage of the latest in modern technology, and are giving farmers their time back so they can get back to their families sooner.

For us, it’s always been about working alongside Australian farmers to help improve their properties’ efficiency and profitability whilst also allowing farmers a better quality of life.

And we can help you achieve these outcomes as well.

The Farmers’ Friend

With our products operating on satisfied customers’ layouts all across the country, we are a truly national irrigation company primarily focused on agriculture.

You’re likely to find a display site in your region, or even better a ‘Display Farm’ in operation with a happy farmer that’s happy to show you around.

DISPLAY SITES: Come and See For Yourself

Padman Water Solutions

Office & Display Site:
305 Beach Rd
Ayr QLD 4807

Display Site:
153 Munro St
Ayr QLD 4807

National Ag Pty Ltd

468 Frome St
Moree NSW 2400

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