Padman Stops are proud to have helped Australian farmers grow more food and fibre, while using less water with innovative irrigation solutions since 1990.


Cotton can be a fussy plant, so producing a high-quality cotton crop takes extreme precision. The smallest of details can have a huge impact on yields.

You can’t control the weather but with Padman Stops you can control your water. Get the right amount on and shut it off at precisely the right time, every time.

Too much rain? Risk of flooding? With our systems at the ready, you can drain that excess water off, fast, to save your crops.

And with superior automation it can all happen remotely with a touch of a button on your mobile, tablet or computer – leaving you free for other things.

“…so many spin-offs from improved efficiencies and water
management – it’s a game changer.”

Craig Saunders – Cotton farmer from St George, QLD

Open Weir Bankless Channel Bay Outlets

High Water Flow Cotton Irrigation for Farmers Across Australia

Your cotton irrigation doesn’t need to be stressful or all-consuming. And improving your systems doesn’t have to be expensive. If you need high water flow rates, customised to your farm layout, without breaking the bank, our Padman Stops Open Weir Bankless Channel Bay Outlets are a great option – particularly if you don’t need drive-over access.

These open channels achieve flow rates of between 15ML and 150ML per day. They come with our famous long-lasting Padman rubber overflow doors, that are automation ready and include our Padman manual winch.

These bay outlets are completely customisable to your exact needs and property layout. Just speak with our friendly team of specialists who can design the precise system your property requires.

It’s the perfect solution to optimising and streamlining your cotton irrigation affordably.


  • 15 to 150 ML/ day
  • Opening Depth: 450 to 1000mm
  • Opening Width: 1000 to 3000mm
  • Multi Doors Can be Controlled by a Single Automation Device
  • Automation Ready
  • Efficient to Transport
  • Quality Padman Rubber Flap Doors