Through the Bank Outlets

Need to go through the bank? Cotton irrigation in Australia made easy.

If you need cotton irrigation in Australia to go through a bank or if you have a pontoon style layout, our Padman Stops “Through the Bank Outlets” are ideal.

These outlets are entirely customisable to your needs, with a variety of pipe ends or drop boxes, high quality overflow doors and with structure sizes to suit your layout. The crossing lengths are also adjustable to suit.

Our unique downstream bubblers have been specifically designed to minimise frustrating erosion. And you’ll achieve flow rates of between 10ML to 60ML per day.

Everything is completely automation ready, whether you wish to automate today or further down the track. For total door control, choose our optional PosiDrive system.

It’s the easy way of getting water to your cotton crops, no matter where you need it.


  • 10 – 60 ML / day
  • 450-750mm round pipe
  • Automation ready
  • Optional PosiDrive system for total door control
  • Minimise erosion

Padman Automation

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