Padman Stops are proud to have helped Australian farmers grow more food and fibre, while using less water with innovative irrigation solutions since 1990.


Variety is certainly the spice of life. Yet it often makes irrigation a bit of a headache.

If you have different paddocks with different soil types and different crops, getting the right amounts of water to the right areas is critical to your farm’s success and profitability.

A customised and automated irrigation solution from Padman Stops, designed specifically to you and your property offers up to date insights into what each of your paddocks and crops need and then takes care of the watering and adjustments for you.

Whether you grow Lucerne, mung beans or sorghum, your crops will love you and you’ll love the time and cost-savings our products can provide.

“I believe with the fast watering I’ve improved the yields maybe by 20%…my bottom line has improved.”
– Rob Black, Coleambally

Padman Automation

Our Automation Products are designed to free up farmers' time so they can achieve a better, and far healthier, work-life balance. Find out how we can help you.