Automation for Cropping Industry

Optimise the Irrigation of Your Agricultural Crops for a More Profitable Farm

Optimise the management and irrigation of your agricultural crops with Padman Stops high-flow precision surface irrigation systems, utilising the latest in automation technology.

A well designed and laid out system will optimise the balance between flow rate, soil infiltration rates, plant type and bay area – turning flood irrigation into a water efficient system equal to that of any other form of irrigation. Using technology with our quality sensors is particularly useful when you’re managing different types of crops in different areas that all have their own unique water requirements.

Padman Stops team of irrigation specialists can custom design the perfect automated irrigation system for you and your property with accurate and reliable technology that offers up to date insights into what each of your paddocks and crops need and then takes care of the watering and adjustments for you – all controlled via mobile phone, tablet or computer.

With our new AutoWinch systems, there are two options available. The AutoWinch Pro has been designed to move twice a day as a completely portable automation unit, providing all the flexibility your farm needs to thrive. Or, for a more affordable option, our AutoWinch Seasonal unit has been designed to stay with the crop for an entire season, moving only twice per year. Both are operated by our super simple Padman Stops apps and are strong enough to operate all Padman Stops irrigation outlets. With our portable units you can get your farm automated more affordably than ever before.

Connectivity or lack of signal won’t hold you back either. Our systems use the Telstra network which is widely available or if that’s not an option, utilise our radio based LoraWAN technology gateway devices to provide the link between your farm and the apps.

Once you have one of our systems installed you’ll inevitably increase the yields and quality of your crops, use water more efficiently, save on labour costs, allow your staff to become more productive and you’ll have more time to spend with your family or engaging in activities that you love.

Whether you grow Lucerne, mung beans or sorghum, your crops will love you and you’ll love the time and cost-savings our automation products can provide.



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