Padman Stops are proud to have helped Australian Cane farmers grow more sugarcane, while using less water with innovative irrigation solutions since 1990.


The cane industry is big business up north – trouble is you need the right conditions at the right times. Flooding can destroy your crops and lengthy hard work in what seems like a single heartbeat.

Padman Stops have state-of-the-art automated irrigation and drainage products that will both nurture your sugarcane and save it when needed, well before complete disaster strikes. Automation will also allow you to take advantage of technology by reducing pumping costs, increasing your yields and will go a very long way towards improving your lifestyle.

You’ll save time, money and your crucial crops.

“Padman Stop…No Padman Stop, she’s washed away!”

– Darren Walker, cane farmer QLD

MaxiFlow 1200 Field Drains

Sugar Irrigation Management with Fast and Effective Drainage

Sugar irrigation management isn’t always easy when you’re battling tropical weather patterns. As a cane grower you need the ability to efficiently drain irrigation water but also to get rid of flood water when a weather event occurs, as quickly as possible to minimise crop losses.

The MaxiFlow 1200 Field Drains are highly effective at draining water, incredibly fast. They’re much quicker and more efficient than traditional round pipes yet achieve the flow rate of an 825ml round pipe of between 10ML to 40ML per day.

They’re also fast and easy to install with a strong, long-lasting design.

Cane growing will become so much easier and more predictable with the superior drainage power of our MaxiFlow Field Drains.


  • One Piece Design
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Minimal Headloss
  • No Silting
  • High Water Flow
  • Strong Design
  • Long Lasting