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Rubber Inserts For Existing Slide Door Infrastructure

Upgrade Your Existing Farm Irrigation Equipment for a Fast and Economical Fix.

If you have a perfectly functional irrigation system already in use on your farm but would love to improve your irrigation efficiency, our Padman Stops Rubber Inserts offer an affordable and practical solution.

Our rubber inserts are customised to your existing infrastructure so it doesn’t matter what you have, we can provide you with the inserts that you need. And it will turn your old and leaky slide doors into modern gates that are watertight – to make your paddock irrigation much more efficient.

Padman Rubber has been proven over many years to be one of the toughest on the market, designed to last for many years under the toughest conditions, no matter how much they’re used.

It’s the simplest and most affordable way of upgrading your irrigation systems and enhancing your farms efficiency.


  • Customised Rubber Flap Inserts
  • Depth: 450-1000mm 
  • Width: 450-3000mm 
  • Automation Ready
  • Proven Quality Rubber

Padman Automation

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