Drive Over Head Ditch Stops

Stop the water with a pipe end you can drive over, for your cotton irrigation in Australia

Our Padman Stops Drive Over Head Ditch Stops are the perfect way of stopping the water when and where you need to for your cotton irrigation in Australia.

Vehicle and farm machinery access becomes a breeze as these stops allow you drive vehicles right on over, making them incredibly convenient for any location.

They are 100% watertight, with a reinforced rubber flap door and winch. This ensures you won’t waste any of your precious water like you may have in the past with leaky, sub-standard doors. And with our unique Padman Rubber in use, you can rest assured that it’s been built, and well proven, to last many years.

If you’ve been battling erosion issues, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief to learn that our downstream bubblers minimise and drastically reduce this problem, without any need for manual intervention or remedy. These Drive Over Ditch Stops won’t stop impressing.


  • 20 – 150 ML/day
  • Opening depth: 600-1000mm
  • Opening width: 600-2500mm
  • Automation Ready
  • Optional PosiDrive for total door control
  • Customisable
  • Easy to install
  • Minimise Erosion
  • Customise to any length roadway you need

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