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Irrigation Solutions for the Rice Industry

Author: Teagan Stewart

Earlier this year the announcement was made by The SunRice Group to open a pool for the forthcoming 2021 Riverina rice season which was widely appreciated. The industry has done it really tough the last few seasons with low returns and meagre water allocations.
Along with fixed pricing which was announced in July 2020. The Bureau of Meteorology has given farmers a hopeful outlook with increased predictions of rainfall and inflows to water storages, potential planting of large crops in 2021. Read more about this here in a great article in The Land with SunRice
We chat a little about a few irrigation solutions for the rice industry below.

If you have a perfectly functional irrigation system already in use on your farm but would love to improve your irrigation efficiency.

Why fix what’s not broken?
Why pull-out working structures to put in new Padman Stops outlets?
Well, you don’t have to!

Our rubber inserts are an affordable and practical solution allowing you to improve watering efficiency whilst adding automation control and monitoring options.The rubber inserts are also customised to your existing infrastructure, so you can say goodbye to leaky slide doors with manual changeovers and hello to highly efficient watertight outlets saving you water, time and money.
This is the simplest and most affordable way of modernising your irrigation system.

Our high flow drive over rice outlets are a dual layout design with deeper doors to accommodate rice or other summer cropping, giving you the ultimate flexibility of choice on what crops you grow.
By installing this system you have full control to switch up crops depending on demand and market predictions

Benefitting from years of innovation across a range of irrigation scenarios, we are proud of our rice cropping automation options and would like to share a new product in final stages of development.
Rather than us tell you how Smart Irrigation can save you water, labour and money; check out the independent study in the IREC Spring Newsletter (on page 3, heading: SMART IRRIGATION CONTROL SAVES WATER AND LABOUR IN RICE GROWING SYSTEMS) that demonstrates these benefits very clearly.

Our range of automation includes outlet-opening devices and a suite of sensor
monitoring products for a completely automated farm management system.
Monitor and control your irrigation schedule:
• In-field at the device.
• From our App, on your phone or web browser.
Historic limitations with connectivity have been addressed with multiple solutions now available.

We are at the C20 SunRice Grower of the Year Field Day Thursday 10th December 2020 from 9am. Founder of Padman Stops John Padman along with our Automation Guru Grant Oswald will be presenting. We are proud to sponsor such events. We pride ourselves on having products that will make the most of the water you have. Water efficiency is key to maximising your yields and profits, if we can be doing more to ensure this, then we want to hear from you and what better way than with you at such an incredible event.

We are so proud to have our products be apart of the Grower of the year for 2020, Peter and Erin Draper farm. Peter and Erin farmers in Leeton, changed layouts on their farm and incorporated our rollover bank-less irrigation systems which has helped save about 10% of the water usage each season.

You can learn what sets the C20 SunRice Grower of the Year here and the announcement of them as the winners here too.
Find out more details on our events page or you can register here

Some products for irrigation solutions for rice industry mentioned above are highlighted below;

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Upgrading Existing Structures: 
100% water tight rubber doors

Permanent systems 
Portable systems
Time based systems 
Sensor based systems 

High Flow Drive Over Outlets:
Drive over rice channel stops 

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