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Drive Over Rice Channel Stops

Stop the Water with Vehicle Access from our Premier Rice Irrigation Systems

Our Padman Stops Drive Over Rice Channel Stops provides rice farmers with a premium solution for their rice irrigation systems.

The drive over structure allows handy access for all your farm machinery and vehicles making it a convenient choice to place just about anywhere on your property.

You can choose between a large variety of overflow doors and structure sizes to suit any layout and all irrigation applications. Our unique design also minimises frustrating and detrimental erosion.

As with much of our product range these channel stops are fully automation ready whether that’s for now or something you wish to add in the future.

Make sure you talk to our friendly team about how you can make this product work best for you and your property.


  •  20-60 ML/day
  • Opening depth: 600-1000mm
  • Opening width: 600-2500mm
  • Proven Quality Rubber Doors
  • Automation Ready
  • Optional PosiDrive for Door Control
  • Customisable
  • Minimise erosion

Padman Automation

Our Automation Products are designed to free up farmers' time so they can achieve a better, and far healthier, work-life balance. Find out how we can help you.