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Drive Over Pipe End or Headwall Bay Outlet

Flexible Rice Irrigation Systems and Products.

When you want the best and your number one priority is flexibility within your rice irrigation systems and farm operations the Padman Stops Drive Over Pipe Ends offers the best choice.

Farm machinery and vehicle access is super easy with a tough drive-over structure. It has a water stop on the upstream side capable of handling water flow rates of between 20 – 60 ML per day. Our combination structures provide you with the ultimate in erosion control in all soil types. Which means there will be far less maintenance for you to worry about.

Many of our farmers start with our more affordable open weir structures yet return soon after to upgrade to these when they realise just how useful drive over access can be and to minimise their erosion long-term. This option is certainly the ‘Rolls Royce’ of pipe ends which will save you time, hassle and expense in the long run.


  • 20-60 ML/day
  • Opening Depth: 600-1000mm
  • Opening Width: 600-2500mm
  • Proven Quality Rubber Flap Doors
  • 100-500mm Field Steps
  • Automation Ready
  • Optional PosiDrive for Door Control
  • Customisable
  • Minimise Erosion

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