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Chatterbox Pro Promotion (sensor based automation)

Author: Teagan Stewart

$1,500 only!

**Terms and Conditions apply:
Offer valid until 31/03/2021 but only when mentioning this sensor based automation promo.
$1500 + GST + Delivery.

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Features of the Chatterbox PRO

The Chatterbox is a rugged, portable sensor that is designed for detecting water as it moves across an irrigated area. ​A typical use is to place the Chatterbox at a predetermined point on an irrigated bay so when water reached that point, a signal can be used by the PAMS IoT network for a variety of tasks, including:​

  • Closing the bay outlet (with the AutoWinch Pro or SEASONAL)
  • Opening another bay outlet (with the AutoWinch Pro or SEASONAL)
  • Closing/opening a channel stop (with the AutoWinch Pro or SEASONAL)
  • Turning on/off a pump.
  • Sending an advice message to the irrigator so you know you’re watering is done.

Our portable actuation systems are designed to be relocated on a daily basis giving you the best flexibility and value for money. Designed to withstand all conditions they can be operated on a on-site time scheduling program or be integrated with other sensor-based devices such as Chatterbox PRO or SoilWatcher Pro and subsequently be operated from your mobile device using the PAMS (Padman Automation Management System) app.
Giving you the flexibility to concentrate on other farm operations.

Here is what Kane, a Farmer in Gippsland has to say about the Chatterbox Pro:

Kane Smolenaars Testimonial

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