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Nationwide Delivery

Author: Kirsty Heather

Goulburn Valley Crane Trucks

We have worked with G.V.C.T. since day one to deliver our products all over the nation. We continue to work with them as they understand what it takes to deliver our products safely, on time and are easy to get on with.

Steel Frame Pallets

The only way to transport our products is by using our custom made steel frame pallets.

  • We can fit up to 6 bay outlets or 5 channel stops on each pallet.
  • GVCT can lift off full pallets of stops, or alternatively place them individually around the property.
  • Bay outlets and Channel stops are priced per pallet.
  • A refundable deposit is put on pallets until they make it back to Padman Stops.
  • If pallets are not returned within 6 months of delivery a pallet refund will be voided.


A Pallet – B3, B4, E3 & E4 Stops

6 Stops/pallet

B Pallet – B6, & E6 Stops

X Stops/pallet

C Pallet – Culvert wings & Culvert lid

X Stops/pallet

D Pallet – D3, D4 & D6 Stops

X Stops/pallet

EL Pallet – E8, D6, & D6L Stops

X Stops/pallet

W Pallet – S/Wing, L/Wing, D6M Buttress Wing, 1200 Maxi Wing, OS Wing

X Stops/pallet

WL Pallet -1800 Maxi Wing, D6M Erosion Wing

X Stops/pallet


Steel Frame Pallet Collection

Pallets can be collected by GVCT for a minimal cost.
Contact us for a free quote.

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