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Terms and Conditions – Padman Group

Author: Kirsty Heather

Terms and Conditions








Concrete Products

Period of warranty is 24 months from date of delivery and includes parts and workmanship. Warranty exclusions:

  • Damage by the owner or contractor.
  • Damage during transport if not delivered by the Padman Group
  • Doors which have Automation attached that is not recommended by the Padman Group.
  • Fire damage.

Second Grade Concrete Products

All second-grade concrete products are non-refundable and are sold at discounted price in an “as is” condition.

The Padman Group are not liable for any further warranty or damage claims on second grade products.



Please review quote details to ensure they are correct. Your estimated delivery date is only a guide for you and can vary by up to five days either side of the nominated date. This calculated date will be re-adjusted at the time of order placement.

  • All orders under the total amount of $10,000 will require 100% payment before being released to production.
  • All orders over $10,000 will require a 25% deposit before being released to production and 100% of balance paid before delivery.
  • All quotes are valid up to 30 days from receipt.


If you wish to place an order based on a quotation provided, please either sign and return the quotation to the Padman Group or reply directly to your sales contact.

If a deposit is required, you will receive a pro-forma invoice once the quotation confirmation has been received by the Padman Group.

Once your order has been received and processed you will receive an order confirmation from the Padman Group



Please review your order confirmation to ensure all details are correct. If there are any issues or you require changes, please contact your sales representative.



If delivery of your order is required, please note that the estimated delivery price may be subject to change without notice due to any of the following conditions:

  • Poor access to property or drop-off zone.
  • Loss of time due to unreachable person of contact.
  • Unforeseen extreme weather conditions.
  • Unscheduled multiple drop points.
  • Due to the rising price of fuel, a 20% fuel levy has been implemented and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.


Padman Stops’ delivery agent would be happy to place products individually around the property at an extra cost of $115 plus GST per hour.


Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this service so we can allow extra time for your delivery.



Prior to arriving at the Padman Group yard to pick up your order, please review the order details to ensure they are correct. Your estimated completion date is only a guide for you and can vary up to five days either side of this.

Customer pick-ups:

  • Pick-ups must be collected within 14 days of notification of order being ready for collection.
  • Orders will be invoiced upon completion of production.
  • Customers who DON’T pick up within this period may be charged a re- stocking fee, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  • Our OH&S policy requires all customers picking up goods to wear Hi-Vis clothing, steel capped boots and to stay within the loading bay area, otherwise collection may be refused. Children under the age of 16 MUST stay in the vehicle cabin.
  • The Padman Group Forklift operator always has ultimate authority of the loading bay.
  • All people attending site to pick up an order must complete a site induction prior to entering our site. If you haven’t received a link, please get in touch prior to arriving.
  • A yard handling fee applies for all pick ups, this fee is $250 per truck or $120 per ute or trailer. This will appear on your invoice. If you wish to change your order to a delivery, please get in touch with us asap.



All goods remain the property of the Padman Group until payment has been made in full. Refer to invoice for payment terms.


Note: For faster order processing, please email a copy of your payment confirmation to: accounts@padmanstops.com.au



It is your responsibility to arrange the return of pallets. Contact your sales representative if you require assistance with the return of your pallets.


Pallets must be paid for unless returned prior to your invoice due date. A $30 admin fee will be charged per pallet for unpaid pallets not returned.


Generally, the Padman Group will accept pallets return up to two years from the date of delivery, provided the condition of the pallets is assessed by the Padman Group and deemed to be in useable condition.

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