Kim Curtis


Kim is the Mother Hen figure here at Padman Stops and we all just adore her. If she wasn’t so damn good at her job she would probably be travelling the world, making new friends and spoiling her grandchildren, but we would miss her too much so she is here to stay!

Shane Phillips

Staff Shane

We asked Shane how he would describe his job in one word – “Counsellor” was his answer! And we think he does a pretty awesome job at it too. If he wasn’t so damn good at his job Shane would be a Personal Trainer. But if he won the lottery tomorrow he would start a brewery. And, you know, keep working here 😉

Viraj Amin

Staff Viraj

Viraj is our numbers guru who has some epic reporting abilities. His main focus is on strategic analysis, producing reports on the company’s finances and system implementation.  Viraj believes he would have been a Panda in another life as he bares mainly similarities, but specifically Eat-Sleep-Eat- Repeat 😉 If he won the lottery tomorrow, Viraj would start a Cryto Minining business in the British Virgin Islands, working on the beach with his family, while still working for Padman’s remotely. If he could pick any superpower, it would be reading peoples minds.

Adam Graham

Staff Adam

If he wasn’t so damn good at his job Adam thinks he would probably be a Pro Fisherman. He’s also convinced that in another life he was Keith Moon from The Who. If he won the lottery tomorrow he would start a fishing charted company called “Trouting About” and, you know, be too busy to keep working here… When Dogsy was 5, he was pretty sure he would grow up to be a meat pie tester, traveling the world eating pies and rating them on social media. He’s still giving it a fair crack, in between Padman projects 😉

Stephen Coutts-Smith

Staff Stephen

We asked to describe what he actually does at Padman Stops he summed his job up as “a pun development manager” . But if he wasn’t so damn good at his job he would definitely be motorcycling around the world with his wife. If he could choose any super power, Steve would choose Time Travel and if he won the lottery tomorrow, he would start a Motorcycle Tour company. And, you know…keep working here…

Peter Mahoney

Staff PeteMahoney

If Pete was to describe his job it would be “The Everywhere Man” which is a pretty good description for the busiest man at Padman Stops, but we would describe his job as “The Farmers’ Friend” because he really is. If Peter could have any superpower, he would be INVISIBLE 😂.

When he was 5, he was pretty sure he would grow up to be a Vet.

Grant Oswald

Staff Grant

Grant is the ultimate guru when it comes to farm automation. He truly represents our values as “The Farmers Friend” having been a dairy farmer himself for many years. If Grant wasn’t so damn good at his job, he would be helping the world be more sustainable, helping with projects that actually do something like improve farm environmental sustainability whilst maintaining productivity. Grants passion and enthusiasm for saving farmers time, money and water are evident in everything he does and in every conversation he has with our customers.

Shawn Padman

Staff Shawn

Shawn was inspired by his father’s passion for designing innovative irrigation solutions and officially joined the business in 2008.He successfully worked his way through several roles within the company, before becoming General Manager. Due to the seasonal nature of farming, Shawn has sought out new markets, to diversify the types of farms they can help – and therefore stabilising employment year-round, for their dedicated team.

He is very passionate about looking after their employees, developing their people with an emphasis on effective leadership and team building and establishing a strong, cohesive and happy culture. For Shawn, it’s all about sustainability, listening to farmers to develop solutions and empowering their team to perform at the top of their game.

When Shawn was 5 he wanted to be a motorbike stuntman when he grew up, but instead he now spends his days motivating the Padman’s team and leading with great gusto and respect.

We asked Shawn what he would do if he won the lottery tomorrow and in his true entrepreneurial spirit, he said he would start a Dam Construction business. If he could have any superpower, Shawn would want to be able to “Empower People” but we think he already has this power.

John Padman

Staff John

John grew up on a dairy farm so was well versed in the challenges of farming from an early age. Long hours, muddy fields and tricky, manually operated equipment were always a constant battle. In the 1980’s he developed his first solution to a pressing farming problem – flood irrigation gates that leaked and an entirely manual operation.

The ‘Padman Stop’ was born. The original Padman Stop product had a precast concrete outlet with a hinged door and rubber flap to seal it and make it completely watertight. More products followed this initial success, and the rest, as they say, is history. Johns passion and dedication has come from always looking to the farmers for inspiration. Talking to them, seeking out their very specific problems and designing effective products to not only solve those problems – but enhance farm efficiency even further.