Peter Colling


Peter started at Padman Stops in 2013 as the Safety Manager and has since moved to Queensland and will head up our new Padman Water Solutions business in Ayr.

If Mangoes won the lottery tomorrow he would start up a Rum Distillery, but without any customers. Pete tells us the most important thing he learnt in school was how to wag school

Imelda Padman

Staff Imelda3

Meldy describes her position at Padman’s as the “Moral Support Office”, and what a beautiful job of it she does, not only to husband Shawn, but to all the Padman’s Family. If Meldy won the lottery tomorrow she tells us (mid COVID19 times) that she would start a “post-homeschooling retreat for mums”. We feel your pain Meld! As a kid, Meldy wanted to grown up to be a regular customer at the shops

Kim Curtis


Kim is the Mother Hen figure here at Padman Stops and we all just adore her. If she wasn’t so damn good at her job she would probably be travelling the world, making new friends and spoiling her grandchildren, but we would miss her too much so she is here to stay!

Shane Phillips

Staff Shane

We asked Shane how he would describe his job in one word – “Counsellor” was his answer! And we think he does a pretty awesome job at it too. If he wasn’t so damn good at his job Shane would be a Personal Trainer. But if he won the lottery tomorrow he would start a brewery. And, you know, keep working here 😉

Kirsty Heather

Kirsty Heather - Sales and Marketing Manager

Kirsty is our sales and marketing strategy guru, creating exceptional customer service experiences for our customers would have to be her superpower.

If Kirsty won the lottery tomorrow, she would travel the world full time, while still working for the Padman Group of course 😉

Shawn Padman

Staff Shawn

Shawn was inspired by his father’s passion for designing innovative irrigation solutions and officially joined the business in 2008.He successfully worked his way through several roles within the company, before becoming General Manager. Due to the seasonal nature of farming, Shawn has sought out new markets, to diversify the types of farms they can help – and therefore stabilising employment year-round, for their dedicated team.

He is very passionate about looking after their employees, developing their people with an emphasis on effective leadership and team building and establishing a strong, cohesive and happy culture. For Shawn, it’s all about sustainability, listening to farmers to develop solutions and empowering their team to perform at the top of their game.

When Shawn was 5 he wanted to be a motorbike stuntman when he grew up, but instead he now spends his days motivating the Padman’s team and leading with great gusto and respect.

We asked Shawn what he would do if he won the lottery tomorrow and in his true entrepreneurial spirit, he said he would start a Dam Construction business. If he could have any superpower, Shawn would want to be able to “Empower People” but we think he already has this power.