2020 – Padman Water Solutions company formed

Padman Water Solutions - Logo

Padman Water Solutions is an especially exciting new arm to the Padman Group. Servicing Queensland, with products designed specifically for the tropical conditions of the state and to solve the niche problems they face.

Transforming water efficiency for farmers and reducing labour, time and cost with innovative products and technology.

2018 – Automation showroom opened

Farm Automation Showroom

A beautifully designed space with interactive product displays was created in 2018. The automation showroom allows customers the opportunity to come in and see how the products work get more information from either a sales person or our interactive touch screen.

2018 – Sugarcane Solutions

Cane Solutions

In a bid to continue to innovate and tap into new markets, in 2018, Padmans began research and development on the needs of sugarcane farmers. We are still currently working closely with our cane growing customers to trial and advance our technologies and infrastructure to suit the harsh conditions of the tropical north. So far our products have been well received and we look forward to continuing to innovate to find more efficient ways to conserve water and operational costs for the industry.

2017 – Research & Development Shed

RD Shed

With the company continuing to grow and more professionals coming onboard, this allowed John the luxury to do what he does best, look to the future!


Equipped with a new shed built to his requirements, a handful of good men and a whiteboard, John has focused on some revolutionary products.


Some have hit the market, such as the PosiDrive and F10 Bay Outlet, with some industry changing products still in development, due to be released in the near future.

2015 – New Fitting Shed

New Fitting Shed

With the success of the new concrete plant and the employment of a professional continuous improvement manager, we turned our attention to the processes related to fitting our products.


This resulted in the construction of a fitting shed production line which allowed products to move freely throughout the site more efficiently, improving quality and work place satisfaction as a result.

2013 – New Concrete Plant

New Concrete Plant

With a broadening product range and increased production, the demand on the facilities got to a point where another plant was required.


Another shed was setup nearby that became a production line for the flat stops, which improved the quality of the product even further.

2010 – Moira Shire Business Excellence Awards: Winner for Environmental Excellence

Moira Shire Business Awards 2010

Moira Shire Mayor Cr Ed Cox congratulated the nominees for their outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence.

“I would like to congratulate the award winners and acknowledge the high calibre of the nominees. The business awards are an opportunity to celebrate business excellence in the Moira Shire” Cr Cox said.


Nominees have demonstrated innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and commitment. These businesses and individuals have excelled in trying economic conditions and I once again congratulate them on their achievements,” Cr Cox said.

2009 – The Argentinean experiment

Argentina Business Venture

In a proactive attempt to look for new markets as the Millennium drought really put the squeeze on Australian agriculture, Padman Stops went global!


John and Shawn teamed up with John Schofield to setup a plant in the small regional village of Bahía Blanca, Argentina. While their soils were very porous, they benefited from fast watering from the four different molds we sent over in a shipping container, that was then converted into a concrete curing oven.


Over three memorable trips with lots of fantastic hospitality (they know how to BBQ) and great memories (lost luggage was an interesting one), we continued to supply them with materials and set them up for a thriving business.


As 2010 rolled around we became very busy back home as the drought broke and the eventuation of the on-farm efficiency program, so we left them to it. We suspect the River Diniro irrigation district would have a lot of Padman Stops in it by now!

2008 – Award Winning Innovation

Save Water Award 2008

National savewater! awards® Winner: Regional & Rural category

Judge’s Comments:

Padman Stops have been able to increase the efficiency of flood irrigation without increased energy use.


They have shown potential to make significant future improvements in the industry by means of on farm efficiency as well as environmental improvements as a flow on effect.

2008 – Cotton Industry Solutions

CottonInfo irrigation automation tour

While the company continued to innovate and supply the Dairy, Rice  & Cropping industries for Victoria and southern NSW, the millennium drought proved a challenge for everyone. During this period, Padman Stops began research and development on irrigators needs further away across the nation and found potential within the cotton industry.

Like many R & D projects before and since, we made a big effort to understand what the farmers needed and set about using our experience to develop products that would improve their farms profitability.

Our products have been well received and we look forward to continuing to innovate to find more efficient ways to conserve water and operational costs for the industry.

2007 – Shawn rejoins the company

John and Shawn Padman next to a Padman Stop Bay Outlet

As Shawn was in primary school when the company started, he grew up taking an interest and working within the business through his teens and early twenties.


Like many, Shawn traveled the world and put many of these skills to use in a variety of industries and returned home in his late twenties to help as the millennium drought really tested the industry, not to mention the company.