1990 – Elmore Field Days: Most innovative new product award winner

For over 50 years, the Elmore Field Days has served as the meeting place each year for farmers from northern Victoria and southern NSW. As a farmer, John had attended the Field Day and many others, but 1990 was the first time he went as an exhibitor.


He was eager to see what his fellow farmers thought of his 100% watertight door and was elated to be awarded the ‘Most innovative new product award winner’ run by the Stock & Land newspaper.


Padman Stops haven’t missed an Elmore Field Days since and have included many others as we find them a great opportunity to talk to our customers, not so much to sell, but to get feedback on how we can serve them better.


This approach has been the key to our longevity, as if John had have only focused on producing that product, Padman Stops would have been out of business years ago!