Bay Outlets

Streamline Your Dairy Farm Irrigation to Save You Time and Money

If drive-over access isn’t something you need, our Padman Stops open bay outlets are perfect for improving your dairy farm irrigation systems while making your dollar go further.

You’ll be able to achieve high flow rates of between 5ML and 40ML per day at a much lower cost than our drive-over options. We offer a variety of sizes to suit your precise and unique needs and they are, of course, completely automation ready.

They provide easy walk-over concrete for foot access, with our proven quality rubber and optional erosion protection wings.

Irrigate your pasture more easily and efficiently with our range of open bay outlets.


  • 5-40 ML/day
  • Opening Depth: 360, 450 & 600mm
  • Opening Width: 900-2400mm
  • Automation Ready
  • Transport Efficient
  • Walk-over Concrete for Foot Access
  • Proven Quality Rubber
  • Optional Erosion Protection Wings
  • Manual Winch included

Padman Automation

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